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Steps you need to take to grow your business from the ground up

Choose The Perfect Topic

1. Choose The Perfect Business Idea

The perfect niche topic is found by interlinking your passion and personality with the market demand.

Pick A Memorable Name

2. Pick A Great Domain Name

How to make your brand’s name memorable, unforgettable and appropriate to your idea.

Install WordPress

3. Start a site with WordPress

WordPress allows you to build an amazing website for free and present your ideas to the world. No tech know-how needed.

Make It Look Pretty

4. Make Your Site Design Pretty

How to pick a great looking website design template that is easy to use, quick to load and that people love.

Get Search Engine Friendly

5. Get Search Engine Friendly

How to optimize your site for SEO and rank your content on the top of Google’s search results.

Publish Awesome Content

6. Publish Awesome Content

How to create engaging and shareable content that attracts a loyal visitors.

Get Your First Visitors

7. Get Your First Visitors

The actions you need to take in order to start getting website visitors and loyal fans.

Make Money With Your Site

8. How To Make Money Online

Most online ventures will fail to earn any income. Here’s how to make first $500 from your site.