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Best Blog Sites: The Complete List For 2018

If you want to see the best blog sites in one place, then you’ll love this list.

If you’re looking to start a blog, this is the hand-picked list of all the best open-source and proprietary blogging platforms.

This post features 43 of the best blog sites for you to explore. And zero affiliate links.

Let’s get started with the main difference you need to be aware of.

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WordPress Gutenberg Editor: The Definitive Guide

This is your guide to the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, the replacement for the current text editor that you use to write your posts and pages.

What is Gutenberg? When does it arrive? What difference and change will it make to your workflow? All your Gutenberg questions are answered in this guide.

Let’s have a look at this new era of WordPress publishing.

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How To Do A Blog Content Audit And Get Magic Benefits

I’m sure you’ve heard about Marie Kondo, the Japanese minimalist superstar, and her life-changing magic of tidying up and decluttering. But how about if I told you that you can get similar transformative benefits if you tidy up your archives by doing a blog content audit?

Dare I say “magic benefits”?

Here’s how to do a content audit for your blog. Continue reading “How To Do A Blog Content Audit And Get Magic Benefits”

How To Promote Your Blog And Get Visitors To Your Content

This is my guide on how to promote your blog with all the things you can do to draw people’s attention and increase your traffic.

Starting a blog is relatively easy when compared to actually promoting your blog content and increasing traffic. Beginners think that simply building a blog means that visitors will come automatically. The reality is the other way around.

Without you promoting your blog posts in social media and niche communities, your content will most probably go unnoticed no matter how good it is.

You need to overcome the stigma of self-promotion and make it a habit to spend at least 50% of your time promoting your content.

I focus on how to promote your blog for free but will include a couple of recommendations for best places to start with paid advertising too. Let’s get started. Continue reading “How To Promote Your Blog And Get Visitors To Your Content”

Competitive Analysis 101: How To Outplay Your Competitors

Here’s how you can establish an edge and stay one step ahead of your blogging competitors by conducting competitive analysis.

There’s a huge amount of data about your competitors available to you. The same data is available about you to your competitors. All this competitive intelligence exists now and is likely used against you in some shape or form.

And this knowledge is power. Especially in the hyper-competitive industries. Let’s get started. Continue reading “Competitive Analysis 101: How To Outplay Your Competitors”

How To Get Post Ideas And Never Get Stuck For Things To Write About

“What should I write about on my blog?” and “How do I get interesting blog post ideas?” are two things every blogger struggles with at some point or another. You cannot afford to sit and wait for inspiration to strike.

Use the tips from this guide to spark unique blog post ideas and blast away at a new content piece with a sense of purpose. They will get you into the writing zone and you will not get stuck for topics to write about. Continue reading “How To Get Post Ideas And Never Get Stuck For Things To Write About”

How To Come Up With A Blog Name That People Love

This guide has all the inspiration you need on how to come up with a blog name. A credible blog name that attracts visitors, that’s unforgettable, and projects the message you want to convey.

Choosing a memorable blog name (and domain name) is one of the biggest challenges when starting your blog. You’ll love this guide as it breaks down this roadblock and makes the process much easier with a list of best blog name generators and creative blog name ideas. Let’s dive right in… Continue reading “How To Come Up With A Blog Name That People Love”

How To Quickly And Cheaply Test Your Startup Ideas

This is your guide to creating a landing page for your startup idea and figuring out how it stands the test of reality and if it’s worth building. It’s never been easier or cheaper to launch startup ideas and quickly get feedback from real people.

This can all be done without previous business experience, a large network of contacts and even without knowing how to code. And it costs nothing or very little money. Continue reading “How To Quickly And Cheaply Test Your Startup Ideas”

Ten Lessons From 1,000 Days Of SaaS Startup Marketing

SaaS startup marketing can be difficult. I just finished a three-year experience of doing marketing in a venture-funded SaaS (software as a service) B2B startup in the hyper-competitive industry of social media so wanted to share my lessons.

As expected in an early-stage startup, I wore many hats working on a variety of projects including product management, internal/external communication, analytics and marketing. Continue reading “Ten Lessons From 1,000 Days Of SaaS Startup Marketing”

How To Change Font In WordPress

In this guide I’m going to show you how to change font in WordPress both on an individual page or post level but also how to change the typography of your blog on a global level.

This includes how to change WordPress font type, font color and font size, and helps you make your blog content more pleasing to the eye and easier to consume.

All this can be done without you needing to know how to code and without any prior WordPress blog experience either. Let’s get started with the full instructions on how to change WordPress fonts. Continue reading “How To Change Font In WordPress”

Cryptocurrency Marketing Guide 101

Crypto is eating the world. Cryptocurrency and blockchain based startups have exploded in visibility and are all the rage. Here’s how to run a cryptocurrency marketing campaign and promote your cryptocurrency startup.

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) funding for startups has exceeded the more traditional venture funding, has leveled the playing field and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. Now anyone, anywhere in the world with the idea that people believe in can fund their business with a crowdsale.

It’s not all about Bitcoin anymore either. There are over 1,500 of emerging altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) in the circulation with great promise of application beyond currency. And more are being created every day.

We’re in the nascent years of this quickly evolving technology that could have a meaningful and transformational impact across industries. This includes disruption of the online media and publishing with advancements in decentralized social media, content management systems and advertising platforms.

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How To Design A Blog And Make It Look Pretty

“How to design a blog?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from new bloggers. This guide will help you answer that question.

The design of a blog is fundamental. The better looking a blog is, the more memorable it will be for the visitors. More of them will stick to it, subscribe, return and share it with their friends on social media. Let’s have a look at steps you need to take to create a great looking blog design. Continue reading “How To Design A Blog And Make It Look Pretty”

Best WordPress Plugins You Should Use On Your Blog

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the best WordPress plugins and you will get the list of the best plugins to install on your blog.

Plugins are like software that extends your WordPress blog. You can use a plugin to improve the look and feel of your blog design or to add new features or functionality to your blog. There’s a plugin for everything.

Activating a handful of essential plugins is one of the first things I do after I start a blog. Over the years I have tested many of the plugins and this post is my beginner guide to the world of plugins. Continue reading “Best WordPress Plugins You Should Use On Your Blog”

How To Make Money Blogging And Be Your Own Boss

A friend told me that he would like to start a blog around a topic he is passionate about to make money blogging online. Making money blogging is an exciting idea.

You can be your boss, live a flexible lifestyle, and work from anywhere in the world. It’s not easy to achieve but with some hard work and luck it is possible to do. Here’s how to make money blogging. Continue reading “How To Make Money Blogging And Be Your Own Boss”

How To Be Productive Blogger And Writer

Today I will share with you advice and productivity tips and tools that will make you a productive blogger. This guide will help you remove distractions, eliminate redundant tasks, automate where possible, and outsource certain tasks to free your time for the core activities. Here’s how to be productive as a writer and blogger.

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WordPress SEO: How To Rank Your Blog Content On Google

This is the beginner’s guide to WordPress SEO in 2018. I’ll show you how to do search engine optimization for your WordPress blog and rank your content on top of Google’s search results.

You’ll love having more people discover your blog content in search engines. Search is the king of free and organic traffic.

Unlike social media, you don’t need to spend money to promote your content and you don’t even need big influencers to share your content to millions of their followers.

Search helps get your content discovered by real people that care about it and that need it at the time of the search. Here’s how your WordPress blog content can rank higher on Google. Continue reading “WordPress SEO: How To Rank Your Blog Content On Google”

Blogging FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about blogging and publishing content online. For people starting out, there are so many new things to do and be aware of, that it’s difficult to get it right first time around. Here’s the blogging FAQ.

This is why asking questions, looking for examples and learning from people who have been there and done that makes sense at this stage.

I spend a lot of my time answering questions. Most of the articles on this blog started from me getting questions from other bloggers. I respond to many emails, I interact in social media and even have a Quora account where I am active from time to time.

I’m always learning too from other bloggers and their experience. You should always look to accept the advice that the more experienced bloggers have to share and learn from what they’ve learned and from the mistakes they have made. This all will give you new ways around the most annoying bumps in your blogging road.

For majority of the answers I have also included links for more in-depth and detailed practical advice. Let’s get started: Continue reading “Blogging FAQ: All Your Questions Answered”

How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog Posts

Here’s how to get people to comment on your blog. You’ll be able to take command of your blog’s comment section, get more real comments, eliminate all the WordPress spam, and encourage more visitors to post genuine comments that add value to the conversation.

Don’t you just hate those spam comments on your content? Many get blocked automatically, but some slip through and get displayed in your comments area. They’re so annoying, bring no value whatsoever and are very time demanding. Continue reading “How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog Posts”

How To Start A Podcast And Get Yourself Heard

Are you missing out on the chance to reach out to a new audience and build a one-on-one relationship with listeners? This guide is a simple roadmap on how to start a podcast and get your voice heard.

Podcasts are the perfect entertainment for the daily commute, workout, while cooking, cleaning the house or doing other chores. They are very diverse, highly personalized and have a high level of intimacy. And people love them. Continue reading “How To Start A Podcast And Get Yourself Heard”

Email Marketing 101: How To Grow Your Blog Audience

This email marketing guide will help you turn blunt, mass mailing into sharp personal communication that people look forward to getting in their inboxes.

Want to share your stories and knowledge with the world and make a living doing it? Launching an email newsletter might just be the quickest way to start building your audience. Continue reading “Email Marketing 101: How To Grow Your Blog Audience”

How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money Traveling

The bloggers behind seven popular travel blogs share their personal insights and tips on how to start a travel blog.

Their stories and experiences showcase the path you can follow in order to become a successful travel blogger too. I hope their words inspire you. The post is long and full of practical advice so let’s get started. Continue reading “How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money Traveling”

LinkedIn Marketing 101: How To Grow Your Authority And Drive Traffic

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in the business world and reaches more than 500 million professionals worldwide. Here’s how you can drive blog traffic with LinkedIn marketing.

This focus on the professional life is what differentiates it from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform allows you to post content, position yourself as an authority, build a following, boost your brand and expose your work to potential clients, future employers and key decision makers in your industry.

You never know who might be reading your content on LinkedIn. The average article reaches 21 industries in 9 countries. Some 45% of readers are in upper ranks of companies in positions such as CEO, VP and manager. Continue reading “LinkedIn Marketing 101: How To Grow Your Authority And Drive Traffic”

10 Remote Work Insights From Matt Mullenweg’s Automattic

This book is a great inside look into an amazing and unconventional company that pushes the boundaries of work places while achieving amazing results. Hopefully it also inspires other companies to do the same. Here are some remote work insights from the book.

I just finished Scott Berkun’s book “The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work”. In the book Scott describes his time working at Automattic (the company behind hosted platform and a contributor to self-hosted platform – learn about the difference between the two platforms here).

Automattic is a play on the word automatic with an intentional misspelling to include Matt Mullenweg’s name. Matt is a WordPress developer and the founder of Automattic.

Even though I love, recommend and use daily I did not know that much about the remote work culture within Automattic prior to reading this book. I only knew the more known facts such as them working remotely, having open vacation policy, doing continuous deployment and supporting open-source. Continue reading “10 Remote Work Insights From Matt Mullenweg’s Automattic” vs What’s The Difference Between Them?

The two WordPress versions are not the same. This vs comparison has all the facts you need to make an informed choice. is the home of the free open-source and self-hosted content publishing platform, while is the hosted and commercial version.

The difference is like owning or renting your house (or your blog).

This causes some confusion for newbie bloggers when choosing which one to use to host their blog. This guide will help you make the correct decision for your own blogging adventure. Continue reading “ vs What’s The Difference Between Them?”

Twitter Marketing 101: How To Increase Your Followers And Get Visitors

If you are just starting out on Twitter it can be very difficult to get yourself noticed and to standout amid all the noise. To help you get started on the right track these are my Twitter marketing tips on how to get your first 500 engaged Twitter followers.

Building a successful community on Twitter can contribute to the platform becoming one of the main sources of traffic to your blog. Let’s get started. Continue reading “Twitter Marketing 101: How To Increase Your Followers And Get Visitors”

Facebook Marketing 101: How To Get Organic Engagement And Traffic

Everyone is looking for the formula on how to break through and get more blog traffic and engagement from Facebook. This is your Facebook marketing game plan for how you can get your blog content in more Facebook news feeds.

Facebook is the holy grail of traffic for websites. Almost 80% of all referral traffic to the biggest websites in the world comes from Facebook and Google.

If you can figure out how to get your content spread and shared in Facebook and in social media, you stand to benefit from a significant number of organic visitors.

Not only that. Social signals like shares and comments from Facebook and Twitter are increasingly associated with higher rankings in search results. Continue reading “Facebook Marketing 101: How To Get Organic Engagement And Traffic”

How To Use Google Analytics To Learn From Your Blog Visitors

This guide will help you figure out how to set your blogging goals and how to use Google Analytics to measure the success of your blog posts.

So you’ve started your blog, you’re publishing incredibly valuable content, and you’re doing your best to reach as many people as possible that may find your information useful.

But how do you set goals for your blogging and measure the success (or failure) of the efforts you’re putting into it? Let’s take a look. Continue reading “How To Use Google Analytics To Learn From Your Blog Visitors”

How To Start A Fashion Blog And Become An Instagram Influencer

This article will take you through the step-by-step process on how to start a fashion blog and becoming an Instagram influencer.

Style and beauty are some of the most searched for how-to guides according to a study from Google. There are big opportunities in fashion blogging.

Girls down to the age of 12 are blogging, and in some cases even becoming front row material sitting next to giants like Anna Wintour at the biggest fashion shows. So what’s so great about being a fashion blogger?

Other than the fact that you often get sent clothes and makeup for review and get invited to fun fashion events, blogging is a great way to get your foot into an industry that is so hard to get in that most give up half way through. So if you’re dreaming of making it in this industry, this is an excellent way to start!

So how to start a fashion blog exactly? Not only start but how do you differentiate yourself in the sea of fashion blogs? How do you make your own stand out? Continue reading “How To Start A Fashion Blog And Become An Instagram Influencer”

How To Start A Food Blog And Become A Pinterest Influencer

Starting a food blog is a great way to document your recipes, share your love for food and cooking with others and become an even better and more creative cook.

It is also a great way of getting in touch with other foodies, and exchanging tips and ideas. Here’s how to start a food blog today.

People love to eat. And when we’re not eating, we certainly enjoy talking about food or looking at pictures of food. There is a huge interest for food online – just look at all the attention pictures of food are getting at Instagram, Pinterest and other picture sharing platforms.

According to a study from Google cooking is one of the most popular topics people search for when needing advice and instructions. Continue reading “How To Start A Food Blog And Become A Pinterest Influencer”

How To Get Advertisers For Your Blog Using Email Outreach

This guide includes advice on finding potential sponsors, writing an outreach email that gets read, and “selling” your blog with a media kit. Everything you need to know on how to get advertisers for your blog.

Do you have an advertising inquiries form on your blog, but no emails from interested advertisers are arriving? If you run a small blog, having an “advertise here” page won’t be enough to attract advertisers and make money blogging.

You need to be more proactive and learn to “sell” your blog better. Start approaching companies that are related to your content directly in the hope of getting them to sponsor you. Continue reading “How To Get Advertisers For Your Blog Using Email Outreach”