48 Ideas For Types Of Blog Posts You Can Publish


Ideas for posts

Producing content. For most of bloggers producing content is all about making it or breaking it in the blogging world. Without great content you do not stand much of a chance in building an audience in the ultra-competitive world of online publishing. There is quite a lot of pressure on bloggers to keep producing interesting content. To do this a lot of planning and researching is necessary.

There are several ways bloggers can help themselves be more productive in this situation. Having a good overview of post types and ideas is helpful. When you are about to create a new piece of content you can look at your overview and get an idea for which way to go. It also helps you add variety to your posts. If you post same type of posts all the time it is difficult to reach a wider audience, your site becomes too one-dimensional and visitors might feel jaded. Mixing it up not only keeps the existing readers interested but also attracts more visitors to you as people share your work.

To help you get inspired and hopefully get you new content ideas here is a list of types of posts you should consider when you are creating a new post for your blog. Most of them are pretty simple but are formed and presented in a specific to get people to click and to spend time on them. You just need a topic and some time focused on producing this content. Enjoy your blogging!

A list of blog post types

  • Behind the scenes. Be open and write about the projects you are working on
  • Guides and tutorials. Write how-to guides and tutorials where you lead the visitor in the step-by-step instructional process
  • Listicle. Do a top list post, focus on long lists as those top 3 or top 5 posts have lost their novelty
  • Success stories. Look inwards and tell about your past success and how you have achieved it
  • Failure stories. Look inwards and tell about your past failures and what you have learned from it
  • Quote. Quote someone from Twitter and add your own commentary to the quote
  • Chart. Create a chart or other simple graphic that explains a more advanced topic in a simple format
  • Leaderboard. Create a leaderboard of people, sites and similar
  • Ask me. Answer a reader questions in a complete post
  • Link out. Link to a post from another blogger and add your opinion to the topic
  • Storify it. Collect a bunch of topical tweets and post it on your site by using Storify
  • Interview. Interview someone you admire in your field
  • Link post. Collect a list of interesting links on a topic and publish it
  • Passionate topic. Write about a topic you care about that you want to share with your audience
  • Rant. Be controversial. Write a rant about a topic, an event or a person
  • Post series. Create an engaging post series by spreading a story or a guide over several posts
  • Review. Review a product or a service that is relevant to your audience
  • Book review. Read a book and write your opinion about it, include lessons learned from reading it
  • Quotes from a book. Collect best quotes from the book you’ve read and publish them with your comments
  • Curated post. Curate the best stories on a topic and publish them as a list post
  • Ultimate post. Aggregate your best content on a specific topic, put a irresistible headline on it and publish as the ultimate guide.
  • Screen recording. Record your computer screen explaining a certain process and publish it on Youtube
  • Influencer list. Collect the most influential people in your field and publish a list with them
  • Cheatsheet. Create a cheatsheet list to help people go through a specific topic
  • Infographic. Create an infographic with a bunch of facts, stats and quotes on a topic
  • Quiz. Create a quiz and allow people to take your quiz
  • Stats post. Write a post with a summary of your visitors, sales and earnings
  • Profile. Do a profile or a biography of a popular person or site in your area
  • Checklist. Create a checklist to explain people how to achieve something
  • Podcast. Record a podcast
  • Resources. Collect a list of resources on a specific topic
  • Survey. Do a survey, collect all the answer, analyse the findings and publish them
  • Webinar. Do a webinar, record it and publish it on its own
  • Contest. Do a contest on your site and giveaway a prize
  • Case study. Make a profile or a case study on someone that is popular and influential
  • Ebook. Collect several of your posts on a topic, style and edit them and publish them as a free ebook download
  • Photo post. Collect best images from an event and publish them in an image post
  • Whitepaper. Create a report or a whitepaper on a topical topic in your industry
  • Challenge. Set a challenge for your audience and follow their progress
  • FAQ. Collect all the frequently asked questions, answer them and release them as the ultimate FAQ
  • Predictions. Write a list of predictions for your industry, this is a great type of content for year end period
  • Roundup. Create a roundup post after events, releases and other important happenings
  • Outsource. Employ someone to write alongside you and give you more time/space to work with