13 Great Tools To Manage Your Social Media Marketing


Social Media Tools

When it comes to social media there’s nothing that can be taken for granted anymore. Everybody knows how to send a tweet, how to update a status on Facebook, share a link on Reddit or pin a great image on Pinterest. As a content marketer you want to get your message across, optimize your time and catch the attention of potential new visitors. Just sharing is not enough. Sharing effectively is essential to promote your content.

In a world filled with numerous social networks, and many millions of users and other content creators within them, getting your own presence seen and heard among all of the others is no small task. Luckily there are many tools that aim to make the job easier for you. This post is dedicated to great and helpful Twitter tools. Collected here are the frequently asked questions from users who want to make the most out of Twitter.

How do I optimize my profile?

Choose a definitive name and do not change it. You’d risk to confuse other users, otherwise. Kind of like the main domain name of your site. It could be your own name or the name of your site, but also the name of your company, of a product or a brand or hashtag you are using. It immediately indicates to followers which hashtags are used to talk about you. Upload all the imagery including the profile pic and the cover image. Also include the link (clickable URL) to your site within your profile.

How do I customize the background on Twitter?

You should not forget to match the Twitter background with those of other social networks accounts, in order to get a consistent branding. Using a premade theme from the setting of your Twitter account is fine but if you want to make your background more appealing and original, upload your personal and unique image. To craft your picture you can use a free photo editor such as Picmonkey. It is important that the image size is around 1600×1200 pixels. Moreover images must be smaller than 800k.

How do I get more visibility on Twitter?

From search engine optimization (SEO) to Twitter search optimization. Write down what you do and who you are (blogger, journalist, manager, student…) in a few keywords. Insert a biography, with hashtag and @ mentions: this helps increase the visibility in search. Also make sure you upload a pic profile with an appropriate name: it can be your name or the name of your site. FollowerWonk and other Twitter search engines, use the bio information to help find other accounts.

When should I post?

It is important to tweet when your followers are online in order not to send messages in vain. There are few tools to figure out the best time for you to post tweets, one of these is Tweriod. This app produces reports that will allow you to find out if your followers are online mostly in the morning, afternoon, evening, or on weekends rather than during weekdays. Knowing when the largest number of users is online will help you maximize the impact of each single tweet, both in terms of visibility and click through rate.

How do I write a tweet?

When writing a tweet you should not use all the available space. If you use all the 140 characters available, a user who wants to edit and retweet your message, to retweet it to his followers, will need to cut it. Also you should not send links only without any message. Make sure always to briefly describe the content of the link. When possible try and include an image within your tweet as that may give your more visibility as your image is seen in feeds and is more prominent than a simple text-only post.

How do I see my analytics?

To find out how many times a tweet has been retweeted, shared, and how many people you have reached in a given period of time – also to assess the results of a social media campaign – there is a very useful app called TweetReach. Enter a search for a url, a Twitter profile, or hashtag. As an alternative option try the Twitter Analytics. It’s a great and simple tool that shows you several things about your account including growth of followers, more details about your followers but also things like click stats on the links within your tweets and number of impressions your tweets get. A great tool that captures a majority of your social media profile analytics is SumAll – you can most of your social media profiles to it and it will automatically send you a daily snapshot email with all the latest stats.

How can I get more followers?

This is the million dollar question in Twitter. I have a specific post that focuses on growing your followers with many useful and practical tips. See: how to get your first 500 Twitter followers.

How do I create infographics to share?

Everybody loves infographics. Visual.ly is a startup that creates free infographics for those who are not designers or do not want spend time on learning new software to create them. It allows you to customize your infographic in an intuitive way according to the available data. Here is more advice on creation of great and highly shareable images.

How do I find out who is not following me back?

If you want to discover with a click if there are people who you follow which do not follow you back try the app iUnfollow or Justunfollow. Both services are simple and intuitive to use.

How do I manage my day to day?

Once you do get your social communities built up with respectable followings, you’ll likely find that managing all of those users and their daily experience becomes your main focus, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of Tweetdeck or HootSuite. A social media management tool gives you the ability to manage your content posting, conversations, and other social interaction all on a single dashboard. Using these tools instead of Twitter.com saves you the time and hassle of working from within multiple accounts, leaving you to focus your time where it counts most.

How do I schedule my posts?

Both Tweetdeck and Hootsuite do allow you to schedule your posts on several social media platforms. Another interesting tools for post scheduling on Twitter is Twibble. It allows you to add your blog’s RSS feed and the tool then automatically publishes any new article added to the feed onto your own Twitter profile. It even adds the featured image from your post so it is automatically embedded and displayed within Twitter interface. For Pinterest a great tool is ViralWoot and offers Pinterest scheduling and analytics. See more here on how you can automate and schedule your blogging.

How do I stay on top of conversations?

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite can also help you to stay on top of the conversation surrounding your name or your content or even your broader field. You can easily create new columns which show mentions of your name, or mentions of your URL or mentions of any keywords or keyword phrase that is relevant to your business. This allows you to join in on the conversation with your existing community or strike up conversations with potential new customers. Set them up, monitor them and act when the opportunity is there.

Thanks to Daniela from FoodRecipesHQ.com, a regular contributor, for writing this post.