How To Transfer Your WordPress Site To A New Host

Transfer WordPress

I recently transferred one of my WordPress sites to a new hosting server while keeping the same domain name. This is a frequently asked questions so let’s take a look at how the process works when transferring your site from one host to another. The whole process can take few hours depending on how large your existing site is and how fast your current host allows you to migrate the domain name. Watch my how to transfer your site to a new server video and follow the step-by-step instructions below. Go here if you need instructions on how to do a fresh install of WordPress.

Here are the full how to transfer your site to a new host step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install a backup plugin “WordPress Database Backup” and backup your database to your computer
  2. Login to the FTP and download all your files (might take a while depending on how large your size is)
  3. Signup for an account at your new host.
  4. In your admin in “Domains” section go to “Transfer Domain”
  5. Enter domain name that you want to transfer

Domain unlocking and the authorisation code

At this stage you are asked to enter the EPP authorisation code and unlock the domain name. Here’s how to get the EPP authorisation code and unlock the domain name so it is available for transfer from your existing host:

  1. Login to your existing hosting account
  2. In “My Account” go into “Domains” and click “Launch” next to domain name
  3. In “Domain Information” under “Locked” click on “Manage”
  4. In the popup tick off the “Lock domain(s)” and click “OK”
  5. In “Domain Information” under “Authorisation Code” click on “Send by Email”
  6. Check your email account for an email titled “DOMAINNAME.COM >> Information you requested”

Your domain name will get the “unlocked” status within minutes and you are ready to move on and continue the process we started.

Reuploading your files and database

  1. “Domain Transfer Verification” email has been sent to you with the “Admin Verification Code” you need to enter
  2. Choose your settings, tick the terms of service on and click “Add transfer to shopping cart”
  3. You will now need to renew the domain name for a minimum of one year
  4. After purchasing you will get the “Thank you for your purchase” screen
  5. In Domain Manager select the transferred domain name and click “Assign the domain to your cPanel account”
  6. Choose your settings and click “Add Domain”
  7. Login to your new server FTP and upload all the files that you downloaded earlier
  8. In cPanel go to “Databases” and click “MySQLDatabases”
  9. In “Create New Database” type the new name and click “Create Database”
  10. In MySQL “Add New User” by filling in the username and password and clicking “Create User”
  11. In “Add User To Database” choose the newly created username and click “Add” and allow him all the privileges
  12. In cPanel go to “Databases”, go into “phpMyAdmin”, click “Databases” and choose the newly created database
  13. Click “Import”, choose the database backup file that you downloaded onto your computer and click “Go”

Immediate accept of the domain name transfer

By now you will have received an email from your host titled “Transfer of DOMAINNAME.COM”. If you don’t have it yes please be patient. It can take from few minutes to couple of hours to receive this email.

When you do get the email, you can go to your host and immediately accept the transfer of your domain name like this:

  1. In the admin click “Domains”, choose “Transfers” tab and click “Launch” next to your domain name
  2. Click “Accept/Decline” button, select “Accept” and click OK. Your domain will be transferred from Godaddy to the new host within minutes
  3. Login to your FTP and edit the wp-config.php file. You need to enter the new “database name”, “database username” and “database password”. In “MySQL hostname” you need to write localhost

That’s it! Your site is now visible as it was before, your admin works, the only change is that the site has been transferred to a new host. Your site is now hosted by the new host. Happy blogging!