Why You Shouldn’t Have Many Social Media Profiles

The most common social media questions I get regarding social media profiles are: How many profiles should I have? Which social media platforms should I be on? What’s the best strategy?

Plenty of the “social media experts” answer these questions saying that the best option is to be everywhere. I disagree with this. My belief is that you shouldn’t just create social media profiles because of the buzz about the different platforms and because everyone else says they are using them and they are saying that you should be using them too.

Wow, 300 social media profiles, good job!

If you are everywhere, you will end up nowhere. It may look impressive to people that are not very experienced: “Wow, you have 300 social media profiles, good job!“ But having all these social media profiles doesn’t really mean anything. It means nothing at all actually for your goals, unless you main goal is to have too many social media accounts.

Creating too many profiles and covering all this ground is very ineffective way of spending your time. Trying to do too many things at the same time equals you losing focus. The results will not be positive nor productive and you will not get any closer to reaching your objectives or your goals.

Having a minor amount of influence on a large amount of inactive social media profiles is not something to write home about or something that will give you more traffic or more revenue. On the other hand a concentrated effort on the most relevant platform or a couple of platforms is.

I focus my efforts, my time and my energy on social media profile(s) that have the biggest effect and I try to develop them into platforms where I have a good reach. This is similar to the 20/80 principle. 20% of your tasks will deliver 80% of your results. 20% of your profiles will deliver 80% of your results. Identify which profiles are working and focus on them fully.

Have a clearly defined specialty

Social media platforms I spend the time on depend on and vary from project to project. For HowToMakeMyBlog my platforms are a Twitter stream and a Facebook page. That seems to work in terms of workload and benefits. Both Twitter and Facebook are some of my best traffic referrals. I also focus a bit on Stumbleupon, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn but not as much as on the other two. Take a look at this article that explains my post marketing routine involving these channels.

I would recommend you ask yourself some questions when considering creating another social media profile:

  • What is the purpose?
  • Is my target audience there?
  • What impact and potential does this platform have?
  • What is the workload?
  • What can I expect in return?

So the point is to do things that have the most potential and do them well. Be focused and have a clearly defined specialty. If you want to make an impact, if you want to grow your audience, you need only to do a selective number of things, and you need to do them well.