Posterous To Shut Down On April 30th 2013

Thanks for reading the first edition of what’s hot in the world of blogging. To help you stay up-to-date with blogging, here are the most important news items that caught my attention.

Twitter Acquires Posterous

The most striking news this week is the acquisition of Posterous by Twitter, announced on the company blog. “Today we are welcoming a very talented group from Posterous to Twitter”, they declared. Twitter specified that “for users who would like to back up their content or move to another service, we’ll share clear instructions for doing so in the coming weeks”.

Posterous published an FAQ that leaves little to the imagination in regards to the future of the platform. “Can I export my Space’s to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, or another service? Over the coming weeks we’ll provide you with specific instructions for exporting your content to other services”.

Twitter has now captured the invaluable experience of Sachin Agarwal, founder and CEO of Posterous with 6 years working experience at Apple as an engineer on Final Cut Pro. Agarwal, in his Posterous space, updated his profile: “Now I’m a product manager at Twitter”

Marco Arment, Tumblr co-founder, blogged “How is Posterous going to stay alive with no staff? This was a quiet talent acquisition. I give Posterous less than 6 months before it’s euphemistically ‘sunset’”. Matthew Panzarino stated: “If I was someone running a personal blog on Posterous, I would think about finding another place to host it soon”. Not surprisingly Posterous bloggers fear for the future of the platform. WordPress has seen 250% increase in imports from Posterous since the acquisition.

UPDATE: Posterous has now announced that it is shutting down on April 30th 2013. Make sure to move your content. Here’s a guide on moving from Posterous to WordPress.

UPDATE 2: Posterous has now been shut.

In Other Blogging News

Quick news for iPhone bloggers: WordPress iPhone app now allows you to post photos to your blog using Camera+ app. Take a look at my blogging on the go article for info on how I use iOS apps to keep my site updated at any time.

Shareaholic has released some interesting stats that could result in you needing to change some of your share buttons. Pinterest now sends more referral traffic than Twitter. Facebook is still the strongest social media platform with over 6% of referral traffic and Google leads the total chart with almost 50%.

Pinterest is in big growth period and you might want to do some pinning to drive site traffic. Speaking of sharing platforms Facebook is the biggest with over 30% of all shares and Twitter second biggest with over 15%. Don’t neglect email shares as email came up third with 10% of all the shares.

All this just confirm the importance that social media platforms have for your ability to drive visitors to your content. These platforms should form part of your strategy daily and should be where you go after publishing a new post in order to create awareness to that new post.

What Caught Your Interest?

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