Blogging Through The Lens Of My Camera

Annika Ruohonen is a fine art photographer based in Finland. “Observing life in all its beauty and imperfections through the lens of her camera is her paradise”. Her portfolio is naturally beautiful, showing pictures all shot in natural light.

She does not post-process her images in any way, which is something different and significant in the era of Instagram and photo editing software. Her blog is a flow of words and thoughts connected with her expressive pictures. We got in touch with Annika and asked her some questions about her blogging and the lessons she can share with anyone just starting out. Take a look at the interview below as there might be something in there for you to learn and get inspired from.

How and why did you start?

I have always been into writing but I haven’t found the right way to express myself. Seven years ago I tried to blog in my native language, Finnish. I wrote about being a full time mum at home, my only occupation at that time.

Somehow writing in English turned out to be more satisfying to me. My present blog I started mainly to show my photos and share the impressions coming up in my mind when I shoot and look at images.

How much time do you spend working?

I write whenever I have free time, mostly during the weekends and holidays. I wander in the wilderness of a forest, take pictures and pick up the most interesting ones. I always feel connected to my images throughout the process, from shooting to publishing. My blog allows me to write about this connection.

What would you like to share with our readers?

I avoid getting too personally involved with my writing or revealing my personal life in details. For me straight-forward “this is how I feel today’” posts are not so interesting.

My main challenge is to improve my writing, to convey a useful message by using the link between the words and the images. I would be happy if people could take something out of my words and images, if I would be able to bring forth new ideas and thoughts in others.

What is your best advice on how to get readers?

Tags. My students have blogs as well and they get lots of readers by adding interesting tags. Getting followers requires interesting content. Publishing high quality photos helps too.

Moreover you also have to be interested in what other people write. WordPress is also a social media, if you comment on someone’s post they will most likely comment on yours.

What is your biggest success and mistake?

One of my posts was featured on WordPress front page and due to that I have now more than 250 followers. That post has been read more than 4000 times and it has more than 300 likes. It is pretty amazing.

I don’t think I have made any big mistake yet, but it would be a nightmare for me to hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally, so I’m trying to be very careful not to do that.