“Is It OK If I Quit My Job And Start Blogging?”

Twitter buzz introduced me to the new Oscar Mayer TV ad with the line: “Is it ok if I quit my job and start a blog?”. This may be just a funny ad line but clearly the idea of quitting a job and doing something on own terms appeals to many people that have been mentioning this. It is a great idea and a great dream to have. It’s definitely something that can keep you motivated as you look forward to being able to do something like that.

Quitting the job is a good choice only if you have some savings on the side that you can live off while working on building the site. Building a site where you can make enough money blogging to replace your day job takes a long time. Planning is key in this process.

Start a site but keep you job as a fall back

There is a better option though and everyone with a job can start today. Keep reading.

There’s no need to give up your job when starting a site. Make it a hobby or a side-project and have your day job something to fall back on while you are building your audience. This way you work on your site in the evenings, weekends (or even at work if you can) and you start small without much risk.

WordPress, the best blogging tool, is free to use. You don’t need previous experience, academic degree or tech knowledge. You don’t need an office or expensive equipment either. A computer and Internet connection is all you need. The most you have to lose is $50 that you pay for domain and a hosting account so people can access your site.

Cut down on expenses and start saving more

The real investment when starting your site is the hard work and the time you have to put into making it a success. Because you actually do need to invest yourself into it. Daily, several hours a day, and consistently over a longer period of time. Longer period of time means months and months before you start seeing the progress and before you do get closer to that number that allows you to quit your day job and focus on your site full time.

In the meanwhile try to minimize your costs as much as you can. Downgrade your lifestyle, cut down on expenses. This will lead you to saving more money and having more money saved means that you might be giving yourself an opportunity to quit your job faster and having more time to focus on this new project. This is the best way to go without risking to lose too much. I would recommend this to be your plan as well, jumping too fast and too early into it is a big risk and you have a much higher chance of failing and getting into a bad financial situation without having a fixed income from your day job.

If you missed the TV ad, here it is just in case: