“I Write Less For Myself And More For Other People”

Sharon Hurley Hall is “fanatical about deadlines, a polymath who can get to grips with almost any topic quickly, an excellent researcher, and an engaging writer”. The potential of online writing is still relatively unexplored so it’s a good thing that people like Sharon share their expertise.

However Sharon’s site is perhaps above all, the means through which she promotes her writing skills and builds a network of contacts to keep writing articles, e-books and generating content.

Do you have a potential audience on the Internet? Start writing regularly and you will find out.

How and why did you start?

I’d love to be able to tell you I had a strategy in mind when I started my site, but the truth is that I read some advice that said I should start a site and I did. It took a couple of months to figure out what my main topic would be, and that came from listening to reader feedback and noting what they found interesting and commented on.

That eventually led to focusing on writing and that the site eventually became Get Paid to Write Online.

How much time do you spend working?

The time I spend on the site has changed over the years. At the start, I blogged virtually every day and would spend time responding to comments. As social bookmarking grew, I added that to the mix.

Now, I post less on my own site and more for other people, but Dan Smith contributes a weekly post. However, I spend a fair bit of time on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as the Five Buck Forum talking to people about topics related to my posts.

What lesson would you like to share with our readers?

Listen to your readers and commenters – often the questions they ask give you great ideas for content.

What is your best advice on getting readers?

Post regularly and guest post too, but make sure that when you guest post it’s your best work. When you write a great guest post on another site, you usually pick up a few new readers who come to check out your other posts. Twitter is where a lot of my readers hang out, so find out where your readers are and join them there so you can get to know them better.

Use carnivals too. I participate in a monthly business carnival run by the Word Chef. Not only have I met a great bunch of people, but I learn a lot and have new readers too – and I’ve found new, interesting sites to visit.

What is your biggest success and biggest mistake?

I’ve made plenty of mistakes – not choosing a good domain name first time round, setting up the site with software that was limited instead of just going to WordPress from the beginning – but they didn’t do any lasting damage.

My biggest success – hard to say. I’m just pleased that my site is now in its 7th year and people still find it useful.