How To Dramatically Stand Out From The Crowd In A Saturated Niche

Stand out from the crowd in a saturated niche

I got a very interesting question that I wanted to share with you here in public and answer as there might be more of you interested and curious about this. Here is the question:

My question to you is what do you do when you work in a niche that has a lot of other bloggers in it. How do I differ myself from them? If I do everything the other bloggers are doing how am I going to gain a competitive edge?

Let’s be honest here, most sites are boring. They look like any other site, their content is like any other site and they are as forgettable as any other site. Gaining a competitive edge and being able to differentiate yourself from other bloggers is definitely the key. It will allow you to build and grow an audience. Let’s take a look at what can be done to stand out in a saturated niche.

What you have that no one else has

The most important thing you can do to differentiate yourself from the herd is to be yourself and put more of yourself into your content. There is one thing that every blogger has that is very unique. You have yourself. You are unique, you write your own content, and no other site can copy that. You must use more of yourself when trying to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Be a brand that’s unique. Bring yourself to the front. Find your voice in the way you present your site, in the way you write your articles, in the way you comment to your readers. Great sites stand out because they have unique brands behind them. There’s only one Gary Vaynerchuk, one Perez Hilton and one … YOU! Put your face out there. Use it on your Twitter profile, your avatar pic and grace your Facebook page with it.

Video vs text format

Blogging in an overcrowded world means to you have to move beyond the crowd. One of the easiest things you can do is to be where opposite of where everyone else is. Everything has been written about already. It is very difficult to write something completely groundbreaking at the moment. But the thing is that not much of this material has been converted to video.

Even if your site is in a very saturated niche, you can still make it unique and make yourself different from others by basically making videos of all the information that everyone else is competing for with text articles only. Same goes for podcasting, comics or infographics. Basically more visually appealing, multimedia content.

What I do to make my site unique

Couple of ideas from my own blogging that you might use to make yourself more unique in your own field:

  • Content
  1. Being as transparent as possible
  2. Giving away my design / promotional secrets
  3. Sharing my results
  4. Going deeper in details than competitors do
  5. Making my advice more practical / easier to implement than competitors do

From the start I tried to include as many real life examples and information as possible. For example the exact email I wrote to ProBlogger to get my guest post, the exact comment I wrote on a post to get many visitors, exact visitor stats from my Google Analytics, or the exact codes to how I customized my design. Not many writers in my niche reveal as many real-life examples about their sites and strategies.

  • Design

A design can definitely help you stand out better. Take some time to figure out the best design and the best branding graphics for your site. I use a premium theme that I have done a lot of work on in order to customize it and make it my own. A remarkable design sets you worlds apart from your competitors. When you look at your current design and layout, take an objective look as a first time visitor and not the owner of your site.

Do you have a logo? Does your site look unique in comparison to other sites in the industry? All of these little, fine touches are going to be what separates you from the rest as it relates to first impressions. That first impression may be all you get, so you need to make sure that you put your best foot forward in your quest to grow an audience.

Being ignored is the kiss of death in the blogosphere. But by flavoring your awesome site with your unique personality, you’ll dramatically stand out from the crowd and burn your personal brand into our global consciousness. What are you doing to make your personal brand (and your site) stand out?