“Write As If You Are Having A Conversation With A Friend”

“In a nutshell, it is a site that will contain some of the best copywriting hints and tips you’ll ever find on the Internet” Take Sally Ormond’s word for it. She is the author of the popular Freelance Copywriter’s Site through which she promotes her copywriting services and offers useful advice and tips about copywriting and marketing.

Sally is definitely a successful example of how sharing skills in your field of expertise can get you to build an audience, reputation and advance your career. Find out some of her secrets of success in this interview.

How and why did you start?

I began blogging when I started my copywriting business. It was a way to generate interest in what I was doing, offer advice and tips and help establish myself as an expert in my field.

So, that would have been about 5 years ago, initially under a WordPress.com domain, and then later on my own.

How much time do you spend working on it and what are the usual tasks?

I guess somewhere in the region of 3-5 hours per week.

Usually, that time involves researching new ideas, creating the posts, publishing them and fielding the comments and requests for guest posts that I receive. Mainly, it’s the writing as I post 5 times a week across the 2 sites.

What is the best lesson learned that you would like to share with our readers?

When you create content, make sure you understand your audience and what they want to read. It’s very tempting just to write about stuff you’re interested in, but that doesn’t mean your audience shares your interests.

Think about your niche, what you want to achieve through your blogging and how you want to present yourself. Then it’s a case of generating loads of great ideas for interesting posts that your audience is going to want to read.

What is your best advice on how to get visitors?

If you want your site to grow, you need to generate great quality articles that engage with the reader. Don’t be fooled into thinking quantity outweighs quality – it doesn’t. If your posts start to appear badly structured and full of typos, you’ll leave readers left right and center. Keep on topic and involve your readers.

Make sure each post has a call to action – even if it’s just to ask their opinion on what you’ve written about. That’s a great way to generate comments and start relationships with your readers. After all, if you show you’re genuinely interested in their thoughts, they’ll keep coming back.

Plus, adopt an informal writing style, as if you were sat having a conversation with your best friend. That style of writing really engages with the reader and makes them feel part of your writing.

Plus, if you continually produce top notch posts, you’ll start to attract guest bloggers. The beauty of that is that a) it means you don’t have to come up with quite so many post ideas, and b) it helps widen the appeal of your site.

What is your biggest success and biggest mistake?

Probably the biggest success is the accolade from oDesk (voted as one of the top 100 freelance sites on the Internet) and Boost CTR’s best copy-writing award. But other than that, it’s the readers and their comments that really make it all worthwhile. As for my biggest mistake? Not sure about that one, other than writing posts that weren’t so well received as others. But you learn from that and eventually find the type of thing your readers love.