A Blog For Christmas

Give a blog for Christmas

Giving thoughtful gifts rather than material ones often results in gifts that are never forgotten… Instead of buying a physical present, we now often gift to charity in the name of a loved one or name a star after the person.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably already encountered some of the fulfilling aspects of this hobby. You get to write about that one thing that you really love, you get to share your views and hopefully inspire some people, you meet new friends, you get to practice the art of writing and you get smarter every day!

Smarter because you research, smarter because you write and smarter because you as a blogger encounter so many different opinions, understandings and points of view. You may even get a new job. Why not give this chance and opportunity to someone you love as well?

A gift for my mom

If you know someone who loves to read and write, is passionate about a specific topic, or just in general is an inspiring person, gift him or her a blog. Blogging has the potential to change their life and they will be forever grateful!

My brother and I decided to start a blog for our mom who is an avid googler, talented writer and a knowledgeable woman in general. Since January 1st 2012 our mom has not missed a day in her blogging schedule, has learned everything about online marketing, met incredible new friends, and has been happier and more fulfilled than ever.

While still working full time, she manages a schedule of five posts a week, proving to anyone, that it can be done with a little organization, hard work and lots of passion! Now we have one more thing in common and one more way to inspire and learn from each other!

How to give a blog as a gift

Giving a blog as a gift is done by the same process really as when you are starting your own site. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and is used by majority of biggest site and I recommend you to start there. See this video that I created to help you start. Follow the process, create the site and send the details to your loved one.

Gift your assistance

Just creating the site and sending over the details is not everything. Make sure to be there to guide your loved one in his or her first weeks of blogging. Although simple, this new world can be overwhelming so share some of the tricks you’ve learned.

  • Offer emotional support – let the person know when they’re doing a great job and motivate them to become the best blogger they can.
  • Engage in the blog – read and comment and support the work.

Happy blogging to you and your new blogger!

Milana Saric is a lifestyle blogger who posts about fashion, beauty and food! Check out her other guest posts on how to start a fashion blog and how to start a food blog.