“Getting Dressed Up, Snapping Pics Of Fashionistas”

Fashion blogging

Shanon is a 21 year old stylist, photographer, fashion student, and blogger at Kissmyfashion.org. Despite her young age she knows what it takes to be a writer that stands out. In this interview she tells us about her early experiences as a fashion writer, how she took the plunge and aimed high since the beginning, from designing the site to writing first posts.

The world of fashion sites is competitive, the quality is high so an effective way to gain attention and make your voice heard is to diversify your content and establish your originality.

Why did you choose this name for your site?

Kissmyfashion.org didn’t come to me immediately. I had been working off my Tumblr name Sovereign Glitter for almost a year and I decided I wanted to take my site down a more professional route, while still maintaining my sassy attitude!

My boyfriend is a creative writing major, so he’s always twisting words around. After about 5 minutes of bouncing letters and names off of one another kissmyFASHION just kind of popped up in the midst and stuck with me.

Which qualities make you a good blogger?

I always try to stay down to earth and relatable when communicating with strangers at events or through my language on the site. Mostly, I’d like to think my readers continue coming back to the site because of my own personal perspective.

There are a hundreds and hundreds of fashion bloggers out right now. So the same subject is being discussed over and over, right? But I try to change the theme and elaborate on things that other people may not. For example, when covering New York Fashion Week (or really any fashion show) many bloggers will have images of every piece that hits the runway.

I skip that, hunt for what the audience is wearing, capture some great photos, and then title it, “What to wear to New York Fashion Week” or “Trendy Handbags to Rock to a Fashion Show”.

What are best and most challenging aspects of the lifestyle?

It’s great being your own boss and sharing your unique view on fashion with the world. At first it can be challenging when trying to find your own signature ‘thing’ to capture at events or just surfing the web for interesting fashion news can take hours.

On the other hand as a fashion major I use the information I find for my site as a tool to stay well informed in the fashion industry. I love pretty much everything about blogging. I love getting dressed up for events and snapping pictures of fashionistas with my oversized camera. And never having to pay for fashion shows is definitely a perk!

What is the story you recall most fondly?

Attending my first fashion social with my dslr camera back in March 2012 is my first favorite memory of blogging. I had no business cards yet and a very small following. To be honest, I felt slightly awkward because I had just created my site about two weeks prior to the event and could count on one hand how many times I had used my camera!

I knew none at the social and none knew me! But once I walked up to the bar and asked a group of friends if I could snap their photo I felt overwhelmed with comfort. Within 10 minutes people were pulling me from the left and and right to get their picture taken and perhaps get some features.

I held so many long drawn out conversations that at the time I didn’t necessarily want to have, but I made a bunch of awesome connections that I still work with today! I ended up meeting the coordinators of RVA Fashion Week and on spot got behind the scenes passes for every event. I was the only blogger at every event and the only blogger with behind the scenes access. It was super dope.

What is your advice to people who want to start blogging?

Do your research, which, chances are if you are on howtomakemyblog.com you are already off to a genius start! Find the subject of your site and perhaps some complimentary subjects, STICK TO THOSE and do not stray too far off topic. I personally chose Fashion and all things artsy.

Keep in mind SEO when titling your posts – it helps tremendously with traffic! Create tags or labels for EVERYTHING, this also helps increase traffic! Connect your site to your Facebook, twitter, or any other social network you may use.

Just as with your personal appearance, presentation with your site is everything. I have met bloggers that carry themselves well, then I go to their website and it is a jumbled mess. If you have to keep your site unpublished for a few extra days until you can figure out how to get your website to look the way you’d like, then do it! It’s better to maintain a classy website than to appear unorganized to some potential business partnerships or collaborations.

Set aside a certain day of the week or time of day that you will dedicate to blogging and upload posts on a regular basis. I shoot for three a day but most bloggers shoot for four a week. If you are unsure of anything or you need a second opinion, ask a friend! My number one advice though is to have fun! Write posts about stuff that interests you and in a language that will keep your readers entertained!