How To Minimize Your Costs To Improve Your Revenue

Being able to earn money from your site is a good thing. It is definitely the right thing to focus on in your blogging adventure. But the other thing to be aware of is to try and minimize your costs. Saving more and spending less makes your income automatically go up. I recently made a change which will save me hundreds of dollars in hosting fees. Here’s a bit more information about this change that anyone can make easily.

Don’t be shortsighted when investing in your site

I recommend that bloggers focus on niche topics. One topic per site and one site at a time. And I was doing this personally as well. HowToMakeMyBlog then Twitter book and so on. As the number of my projects started to increase, my need for new domains and hosting accounts increased as well. I just used to buy the cheapest “economy” hosting plan option. After all you do get 10 GB space, 10 MySQL databases and so on. More than enough for a site. Why would I need any bigger hosting plan? Well, I was very wrong.

Buying premium hosting and saving money

I ended up with 5 hosting accounts. The price of economy hosting is $4.74 per month if you pay for one year at a time. This gives a total cost of $56.88 for one year of hosting for one blog project. My 5 sites ended up costing me $284.4 per year for hosting alone. $284.4 is not a large amount considering that larger revenue can be earned in one month. But to optimize the earnings you need to earn as much as possible while cutting the costs as much as possible.

Somehow I stumbled upon the multiple websites hosting. With a single hosting account you can host as many domain names and blogs as you want! Your site looks all the same to your visitors, same as if it was hosted on its own. Even better is that this “deluxe” hosting costs only $6.64 per month which is $79.68 for a year. And I can host all of my domain names / blogs on this one hosting. I no longer need the individual economy hosting.

$284.4 – $79.68 = $204.72

So I am now saving $204.72 per year on these 5 blogging projects. And this makes my potential revenue even larger and leaves me with more money to invest in other stuff. From now on I just need to buy a domain name for a new project, hosting I already have!

Always think long term when blogging

Many bloggers start their blogging careers without thinking long term. As did I. But now I see the bigger picture and can see how $1.9 more per month in hosting will save me hundreds of dollars in the long run. The lesson is not only to think about earning more money from your site, but also to consider how you can cut your spending. So do take a look at the way you host your sites and see if there is a change you can make to optimize your earning potential as well.

Image by Jenn Jenn.