“The Challenging Part Is Keeping Up With Everything”

What do you want to cook today? Who is it for? Submit”. Weelicious, the family food site run by Catherine McCord, features a prominent search bar that gives easy access to recipes tailored to family needs. With the aim to help busy mums make cooking a joy, Catherine created a site which is extremely practical and simple. Just like her recipes, which are never too sophisticated, always healthy and uncomplicated.

Take a look at the interview below for more information about Catherine and her blogging background. She shares several pieces of advices that she had learned from her experience so do take a look and I hope you get inspired and get new ideas for your own projects.

How did you choose the name for your blog?

I sat for 6 hours with a friend trying to think of names that made you just get it from the title. After trying 50 plus names my best friend called me and said “aren’t kids just wee ones.” Weelicious was available so I got it!

Which qualities make you a good blogger?

I’m a homebody at heart, so that helps because you’re definitely in front of your computer a lot. I also love the social interaction with readers and fellow bloggers. Thank goodness I’m typing, though, because as much as I like to write my throat would really hurt if I was talking that much.

What are best and most challenging aspects of your lifestyle?

The most challenging part is keeping up with everything. When I started there was really only my site and the comments. Now with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more there’s just a lot more ground to cover in a day.

The best part is meeting incredible people (mostly women) who I’ve met over the internet. Some I’ve gotten to meet and become true friends with which has been a gift.

What is the story you recall most fondly?

In the first year of Weelicious a mother wrote to tell me that her family hated the food she cooked and never said anything positive. The first time she made a Weelicious recipe for dinner her husband leaned over and told her “dinner is delicious tonight” and she cried. I realized how powerful food can be and how thankless a job it is for moms.

What is your to people who want to start blogging?

Find your passion and niche and stick with it. Keep your interest narrow at first and build an audience. After that you can venture out and those who love reading your blog will follow as you branch out.

Some very nice advice in this interview. I hope that you enjoyed it and that you now have some more ideas and inspiration for things to try out and to implement on your own site as well. It is always useful to read about other people and how they run their businesses. Not only that but it is vital to learn from them and use their inspiration and example to improve your own site. After all noting will happen if you just read, you need to implement what you read as well.