13 Reasons Why I Love Being a Blogger


I love being a blogger. Blogging is an amazing activity. It is a very productive and rewarding way of spending your free time. It is a continuous learning experience in everything from design, writing, networking to marketing. It has given me many opportunities and that is why I am always encouraging others to start blogging and give their ideas and dreams a chance to come alive and thrive. Here are reasons why being a blogger rocks:

13 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Rocks [Infographic]

I was invited to speak to an audience of non-bloggers. The idea was to introduce blogging to them, explain them what blogging is good for and why they should consider starting a blog, and give them some practical tips on how to get started and how to build a momentum – hence the title of the presentation: What I love about blogging, why I blog and how I blog. My full presentation is below both in video format and my Powerpoint slides are attached in this post as well.

Low start up costs

It costs about $50 to get your domain name and hosting for an entire year. Such low start up costs to give yourself a full year to work on that idea you have. Cannot beat that in any other line of business.

No experience needed and you can find your own way

It is one of those “no experience required” jobs. It is pretty simple to start and then it is all down to your creativity, dedication and hard work. You have to find your own way. You are unique and your situation is unique, you need unique way of achieving success. Come up with your own principles, make up your own rules and best practices. To truly achieve something great you cannot be doing what everyone else is doing following the same steps that everyone else is following. Creating something different might be one of the best ways of producing blog content but it is also one of the hardest.

You get a continuous education

There are so many resources that will help you with most of the aspects of running a site. There are videos resources, there are text resources. Most of them are free.

You never stop learning. There are always some new technology advancements and you can always find ways to improve everything from design to the way you present your content. There are no secrets, keys and shortcuts to success so you need to learn from other people’s mistakes and learn from your own mistakes. You must know what not to do. Best practices are common practices and common practices will never make you any different. They are meant to be broken. If you want to be great and achieve something extraordinary you have to challenge those existing rules, those long held best practices and conventional wisdom.

You are your own boss

Bloggers are directed and guided by themselves and themselves only. They follow their own instincts and ideas. They rely on their own capabilities. You decide everything so there are no excuses. You pick the design of your site, you pick what you write about, you pick how long time you spend on it… you are the boss.

You can work from anywhere at anytime as long as you have a device with internet connection. This gives you freedom to design your own lifestyle any way you wish and also allows you to be flexible and change things along the way. Some people are night owls, some are early birds, some are night owls and early birds simultaneously. You are free to create your own schedule any way you wish.


Having a site allows you to network on many different levels. It spreads the word about you and allows you to meet different people be it just for hanging out or for working together.

Go to offline events and break the first rule your mummy told you: talk to strangers. You never know the opportunities which will arise. Connect with other bloggers, talk to as many as possible.A little secret: they are keen to meet people too. If you are scared to talk to people they are probably more scared, and you seem confident, as you are the person who opens the conversation. The more people you talk to the more you will realise this, and the easier it becomes.

You have your own audience

Back in the day it was impossible to build your own platform, it was all about mass media. Now with a good idea, hard work and some luck anyone can build an audience and have thousands of people listening to whatever is that you have on your mind. Whatever idea you may have it no longer takes a lot of time and money to test it in the real life. Having a site and an audience allows you to test ideas and get feedback instantly.

It is all about community, be it in the comments area, be it in forums or on social media platforms. You are a part of community with other people from all over the world that are interested in the same things and have same passions as you do. People who have large networks of friends and acquaintances on social networking websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are likely to have many readers following and commenting on their site. They are consistently engaging new readers and building relationships with the current readers. Reading and making comments on sites that are about similar topics helps bloggers create a community feel and build alliances with bloggers who may share many of the same readers.

New career opportunities

It can be a career itself, but it can also give you new career opportunities. Many writers have been discovered and offered jobs in because of the knowledge and skills they have shown on their own sites.

If you work hard and your site becomes successful it can turn into a source of passive income where you no longer have to work as hard on creating new content but you are still able to reap the benefits. This is difficult to achieve in other lines of work.

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