About Marko Saric

Welcome to HowToMakeMyBlog, the blog for anyone who runs their own blog – or wants to. This site helps you do smart content creation and marketing. My name is Marko Saric and my site features practical, action-oriented and easy-to-consume advice.

It provides you insights, process and courage to start and build a high-performance blog. Big content topics are boiled down to easy-to-use knowledge, tactics and strategies that you can follow and apply to your own blog with very little additional effort or cost.

I’ve been creating websites, producing content and growing audiences online since 1997. On HowToMakeMyBlog I give you the practitioner’s view from the inside, presenting you all my best lessons learned, information, inspiration and know-how.

On top of helping you start a blog, there are also detailed guides on how to make your blog look pretty, how to create thrilling content, write irresistible post headlines, attract visitors and even make money blogging. It’s all available for free, I don’t even collect your email address.

You can read more about me below. If you need to get in touch about any blogging questions or would like to feature an interview with me on your own site, go to my contact form.

HowToMakeMyBlog.com – As Seen On BBC

HowToMakeMyBlog has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Yahoo!, Social Media Examiner and several other high-profile sites. I had my proud moment when I was featured on BBC TV show Click, which you can see a clip from below:

About Marko Saric

These days, the word “passion” is being overused when describing how someone feels about something – it has lost its meaning. Now, meet Marko Saric – the exception to the rule. His passion for online media has been bubbling for many years, starting back when he was a teenager.

He’s always been a music enthusiast and went one step further in his days as a metal head by creating an online site for Metallica, his favorite band. Marko was just sixteen when his site became Denmark’s official Metallica fan club, which led to many musical adventures… and gave him a taste of online possibilities.

Realizing that combining his natural “online savvy” talent with a thorough knowledge of marketing would be beneficial, he successfully completed a BA degree in Marketing Management. While there, he had an idea for yet another project, and so he launched HowToMakeMyBlog.com to help content creators start their sites and succeed by sharing his tips and advice.

Marko regularly speaks about online content at different events and conferences. The clip below is from one of these:

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If you need to contact Marko with any questions about blogging, please do so via the contact form here. Interview opportunities are accepted as well. You can also reach via Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.